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Traditional Parenting Styles are Better Then New Age Parenting Styles
There are many ways to raise a child. Traditional parenting methods that were the standard decades ago have come under attack, due to a change in perception of what makes up a family unit in today’s culture. The foundation of the American family has always been the two parent family unit with the father as the patriarchal figure head and the mother as the care giver and homemaker. This concept has changed in the last decade due to the increasing divorce rate, same-sex marriages that are raising children and new cultural ideas of what constitutes a family.

However these new methods are not as effective as the traditional style. The American family unit has traditionally been viewed and immortalized in American culture as a male dominated unit. The father was the patriarchal figure who made the money and provided a living for his family. The mother was viewed as the primary caregiver for the family, providing care and nurturing for the family. Televisions shows such as “Leave it to Beaver” were based on this family model and value system it created. It’s important to know and understand that after the Industrial Revolution in America, it was time to create the “American Dream”. That job involved the building of the traditional family units to reinforce the need for the goods and services that would build the might of our country. Central to this idea was the fact that with this growth, the traditional American family would prosper and develop a strong moral compass as to what was right and wrong with our culture. The family unit as perceived by this growing and expanding country was central to creating this moral compass. The traditional family unit was critical to keeping this dream alive and creating the values of our new country.

Time has a great way of debunking many time worn traditions, often as a disadvantage. First and foremost would be the act of marriage. American as a country...
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