Parenting Advice for Teenagers

Topics: Drug addiction, Pregnancy, Infant Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Health classes can be classes such as biology, child studies, etc. These classes are very important because if people are educated and informed while they are young they will be more prepared for a baby when the time comes. Although being informed will help with parenthood, it does not necessarily mean that the babies will be better and healthier. It is very important to go to someone as soon as you find out you are pregnant. The most important thing about telling someone you are pregnant is telling someone you are comfortable with and you trust. After you have told someone you may feel relieved and more comfortable with telling other people you may have been scared to tell before, such as parents. ('Telling Someone I'm pregnant', 2013). The best thing to do is be calm and considerate at how they may react to this news. If you go to a doctor first you can get them to help you tell your parents, by either discussing ways to tell them or you could get them to be there with you. Once you have told someone it is best to decide what you want to do with the baby ('Telling Parents You're Pregnant', 2012). Substance abuse, such as drugs and alcohol can be very harmful for your baby if you are pregnant and they may be born with addictions or physical and behavioral problems. Everything you eat, drink and breathe, the baby is also taking in as well, if you are doing drugs or drinking alcohol it cannot only harm you, it harms your baby too (Pregnancy and Substance Abuse). If you are using these substances it can affect your baby’s size, affect how your baby’s heart, lungs, and brain work, cause lifelong learning, emotional, and physical problems for you and your baby (Healthwise Staff, 2011). In conclusion, if people are well informed about pregnancy they can make the best decision. Being informed by a health class may not seem like something important but when the time comes it will be very helpful information and can help you make the right choice. Although it may seem...
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