Parental Pressure

Topics: Emotion, Emotional intelligence, Guidance Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: October 27, 2010
How ambitious should parents be towards their children? Is limitation necessary? When parents demand something more than what their children could ask for. Parents should not pressure their children on education because kids may grow to rebel and it can cause emotional damagae. Also, kids should be given freedom to choose their future carreer.

If parents pressure their children too much, they might rebel. Especially teenagers. Teenagers has not emotionally stable yet, therefore forcing them something which against their wishes might cause them to rebel. It is better for parents to guide and advice their children, other than forcing and pressuring them. A little pressure and force will not hurt, but there are limit to everything.

Regrets can be painful. Especially on deciding a carreer. Yes, someone can always change their carreer, and it will take a person a few times to change until they find the right choice. However, guidance from the early age can cause a big impact later on. In addition to that, freedom of deciding a carreer also important. Therefore, parents should motivate and give advices instead of interfering in their children’s choice. Choosing something they do not like to do can cause depression, and also, most likely they will do a lot better whent they do something they enjoy.

How do we ensure that over-pressuring children on education will lead to their success? It is not rare for depression and over-stressed occurs to children or young adults with ambitious parents. Play times are necessary in children’s daily routine to break their tension. Success does not only consist of knowledge and effort. Emotional and physical balance are also needed.

Children should be given rights to study within their own limit and to choose theit future carreer. The tradition of determining children’s future should be stop before it goes on until hundreds of generation.
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