Parental Negligence Is the Main Cause of the Social Problem Among Youngster

Topics: Causality, Love, Sociology Pages: 3 (771 words) Published: November 8, 2012
Parental negligence is the main cause of the social problem among youngster. Do you agree? Write your opinions

In this modern era, it is really familiar to us to hear about the social problems that happen around us. For instance, the news about the baby dumping, pick-pocketing, burglars and so many others have been filled the front page of the newspaper and also become the main topics for the news-reader to talk about every day. The saddest thing is that these bad behaviors are mostly caused by the young peoples, who are still studying in the secondary schools and also universities. It is said that these social problems among the youngster is caused by the parental negligence. This statement has been strengthened by the research in US which demonstrates that the major factor of the social problem among the youngster is because of their problematic parents. Therefore, I strongly agree with this statement which says that the parental negligence is the main cause of the social problem among youngster because of some reasons.

To begin with, this parental negligence has caused the lack of love affection and attention of the parents to the children. In this fast-paced world, most of parents come from good background educations and also have their own careers. It is really hard for us to see them staying at home, spending their time with their lovely children. It is most likely all their time are in the office. Thus, the children can eventually meet their parents in the morning before the off to work and also at night. Frankly saying, even though that the young man may looks a quite violence and gangster, actually he is still looking for their parents’ love and attentions. They feel depressed because of this and result in their rebels. Somehow, these immature youngsters think that by making problems, they can attract their parents’ attention. For example, when a student causes some troubles in school, the principal should have called his parents to inform...
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