Parental Involvement Week 2 Paper

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  • Published : October 23, 2012
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Parental Involvement

Parental Involvement
Joi I. Booty
Grand Canyon University
SPE-522 Module 2
May 9, 2012


This essay will strive to discuss the effects of the No Child Left Behind Act on special education reform, specifically the relationship between parents and teachers. We will discuss parental involvement in the education of their children in schools and ways to increase participation in a school setting. Lastly, we will discuss what schools can do to involve more parents in the educational process, rights and responsibilities as a parent of a special needs child and a parent’s candid opinion of how they would build a reliable alliance with their teacher and school.

My interview is with a mother of a freshman at Southwood High School in Shreveport, La. This was a telephone interview and the mother was very forthcoming in answering all the questions. On the first question “How has NCLB (general education and special education reform) affected the relationship between parents and teachers? The parent replied:

I believe it has made it better for my child. I have three school age children that have gone through the Caddo Parish School System and with my older child I did not get all the updates and information that I have now with my youngest child. (K. Davis, personal communication, May 7, 2012).

The second question “Have you been actively involved in your child’s education throughout your child’s school life? In what ways? The parent replied:

Yes I have. I am firm believer in being active in my children school work and after school activities. I am a member of the PTA, a parent monitor, teacher helper; and I also bring extra school supplies at the beginning and during the school year. (K. Davis, personal communication, May 7, 2012).

The third question “What can schools do to involve more parents in the educational process”? The parent replied:

Schools should make participation...
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