Parent Involvement in Education

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Parental Involvement in Education

Lisa Vasas

Pennsylvania Highlands Community College


This paper was about the benefits of parents being more involved in their children’s educations, researchers have noticed that if more parents were involved in their children’s educations, they would have a more positive outlook on life. They have also found that more children would go on to furthering their education. Peters, Seeds, Goldstein and Coleman performed many research tests on this in 2007. There were many articles and much research to support that parent involvement influenced their children’s successful academic achievements. This paper concluded that parental involvement in education is beneficial to the children’s success.

Parental Involvement in Education
In recent years, the Federal Government has implemented the No Child Left Behind Act. This act mandated that educators will no longer “teach to the middle” (Busby, Hubbard, 2004 pg 300), which left many students in the classroom behind others in their education. Unacceptable standardized test scores reflected the change in the education teaching in our schools. Effective teaching and following this mandate requires that educators consider the needs of all their students’ differences and the needs of a broad range of learners. This is a difficult assignment for these educators who already have an overflowing plate of responsibilities. (Busby & Hubbard, 2004) Despite the unacceptable standardized test scores, the American educational system is considered one of the best in the world according to researchers Busby & Hubbard. The National Center for Education statistics reports the following (1999): • 95% of school-aged children attend school

• The United States has the third highest graduation rate in the world • The American public educational system is the only one in the world that encourages all children to attend school until graduation, • College enrollment by graduating seniors is the highest in the world. (Busby & Hubbard, 2004, pg 300-313)

Even though the Federal Government passed the No Child Left Behind Act, it was passed to improve the educational system in the United States. Parents should still be more involved in their children’s education. The educational system and parents should consider working together to make a change in the United States. Every fall should mean getting the children committed to their studies, but as parents should also make commitments to their school. If there were more parental involvement in children’s education, would it affect a child’s success in learning, their behavior, performance in school, and a greater chance of high school graduation? The studies have proven that parental involvement in a child’s school and learning is the key to the child’s success, fewer behavior problems, better performance in school and a greater chance of high school graduation. I have observed a few incidents where there was no parental involvement in a child’s education. I have also observed a few incidents where there was parental involvement in a child’s education. Both of these observations had a strong influence on the child’s success of achievement in the school. The first observation was of a parent of a child with some known learning disabilities. When these learning disabilities were discovered in the child at a young age, it affected their behavior in school and at home. These behaviors were a result of the child’s frustrations with learning. As the child grew older the parent was more involved with work and her own life rather than with her child’s education. There was very little time spent with the child on his homework. The parent was more focused on why the child behaved the way he did in school, rather than seeing the frustrations that the child was experiencing with not understanding the homework. The neglect of parental...
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