Parent Involvement in Education

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Parent Involvement
in Education

Research Proposal

Children learn first at home with the support and encouragement from their parents. When your child becomes a student, as a parent you still need to be involved inside and outside the classroom. Attending school sponsored functions, working in the classroom as a volunteer, monitoring homework and communicating with your child about their day are features that will express to your child the need for them to succeed. But why is parent involvement important in education? The answer to this research question will be sought out by using different internet sources. Articles will include general information about parent involvement, not looking at specific states or countries. I have been in a classroom since childhood. With my experiences in college I have seen parents who are involved and those who are not. As a coach in a neighboring district from my hometown I have been able to compare and contrast the amount of parent involvement between districts.

As parents, children learn and grow from the encouragement and guidance that is given to them along the way. The definition of parent involvement is extensive and includes different aspects of education and how parents participate in their children’s lives in and outside of school. The research paper will attempt to explain the importance of parent involvement in education through research done using different internet sources. Throughout the research report readers will see that parent involvement in directly related with student achievement. The level of achievement is apparent due to the amount of time and effort that parent put into being present in their child’s education inside and outside the classroom. When presenting the information the positive outcome will be apparent but the obstacles that hinder the benefits need to be address. These issues include the current rising number of single parents that have to work two to...
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