Parent Involvement

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Parent Involvement: Helping Children Succeed
Beverly Sexton
December 9, 2012
Melissa Griffin

Parent Involvement: Helping Children Succeed
Children can succeed in school by learning from their teachers, however, parents involved with their child’s education teach them so much more. Children not only look up to their parents for love and guidance, they look for acceptance and encouragement. When parents are involved, they are teaching their children encouragement and showing them that they will be there for them in every way that they can. This also shows teachers and other school personnel that they are serious about their children learning all that they can learn with their help. Parental involvement in their child’s education is a vital part of the learning process that helps students succeed at higher levels. Parent involved homes have more of an impact than a home where the parent does not get involved. When a parent is involved, the performance of a child is so much greater. They don’t miss school, they go farther in their education, and they will attend better schools and they tend to behave better (Anita Gurian, PhD). Some of the things that parents can do at home to be involved include, but are not limited to reading to your child every night and talking to their child about the book that they just read. A parent can also limit the amount of television time, whether it would be watching television or playing games, so that this does not distract the child from the more important things in their life, such as their education. They should also check their backpacks and their homework every night so that when the report cards come home there are no surprises that their child is not doing their work. Some things that parents can do to be involved at the school includes but is not limited to, is help in the classroom, go on field trips as chaperones, tutor children that need excess help, and help with sporting events. Parents involved in all aspects from the classroom to the ball field, you are showing your child that you are taking an active interest in what goes on with them in every aspect of life. You are also showing the administrators that you are accessible at every possible level concerning education. Children start learning from their parents at home when they are young. A parent is the first teacher in a child’s life. They teach them how to talk and walk, among other things. The learning from a parent should not stop when a child enters school. On the contrary this teaching should continue with the parent pairing with the children’s school, so that they learn not only at school but also at home. This allows the child to obtain achievements in all aspects of their lives, which will give a child a sense of accomplishment. Children from different cultures have different educational opportunities available to them. These can include children from Hispanic, Latin American, or African American backgrounds. When parents are involved in their children’s education, they can teach them that they are not different from the other children and that they have the same opportunities to succeed as everyone else (Vang, 2006). It has been suggested that the one missing link in education equity is parental involvement (Colombo, 2006). There are several reasons it is just as important for a school to obtain the support of parents as it is for a child to have their parents involved with their education. Parents being involved with their children not only allow them to have success as they go along, but also to achieve things at a higher level. If a parent is involved in their child’s daily activities, then they will be very informed about where their children stand academically as well as socially. By being a very informed parent, you are enabling your children to have every resource possible when they do start to struggle academically. This allows you to have knowledge of your child’s...
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