Parent's Decision vs Child's Decision

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Argumentative Essay

Topic: - Parent’s Decision VS Child’s Decision

There is always a conflict between the parents and the child. The child has always a concern that their parents are not giving them freedom. And it’s true. Parents don’t give their child freedom. So the child only gets his/her wish fulfilled by some or the other means. But I think we should listen to our parents.

Our parents have seen the world that we are leaving in in a more detailed way. They are more experienced than us. They know the mistakes that we are going to make if we don’t listen to them as they have experienced what happens in those mistakes. The mistakes we make can ruin our entire life. So that’s the reason we should listen to our parents.

But sometimes the child is also correct and parents are incorrect. Child wants a thing and parents don’t purchase it as it is expensive. But what if the thing is of great importance? Let’s take my example. My father had to purchase a laptop for my sister who needed it for studying purposes. I used to play games in it and had learnt many things that my sister did also not know. Than my sister had to go out of country to study and unfortunately had to take her laptop. So I made a request to my parents to purchase me a new laptop. But they just refused. Now in this type of situations the child is correct as laptop/pc is of great importance. It makes our life easier. It prepares it for the future world.

But the child should also understand. If their parents give them full freedom and money, the child will only waste the money. Let me give you my example. If my parents give me money, I’ll just waste it in buying PSP, PS3, PS2 and all that stuff. That’s a total waste of money. So almost all the decisions made by our parents is correct.

As a result, we should follow our parents.
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