Parel Industrial Visit

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Industrial Visit
At Lao More Biscuit
(A contract manufacturing unit)
Submitted By :-
Patel Darshit A.
ROLL NO. :- 55
Submitted To :-
Shri Chimanbhai Patel Institute
Of Business Administration



About Industrial Visit

* Management is the backbone of any organization where me has to equip with the subject , essential facts and figures and other efficiently in the branches of an industry . Management shows the success or failure of the business unit .

* As a student of B.B.A. we have to go for an industrial visit . This visit is very helpful for the students of management because different function aspects of an industrial unit .

* The main reason behind this industrial visit is to get practical knowledge and knowing industrial back round of business strategies . Purring the course term I got a chance to visit an industry named "Lao More Biscuits Pvt. Ltd. " at naroda and it was a wonderful experience for me.

* This report which I have made contains all the information that we come to know during the industrial visit and detail of various functions that took place on the industrial unit .


* This Industrial visit was a great experience of my B.B.A. course which was helpful to me to develop practical knowledge about a firm . This chance was given to us by Shri Chimanbhai Patel Institute of Business Administration . I want to thank may people who contributed a lot and whose guidance made it easy for me .

* First I want to thank God for giving us the opportunity to visit the industry. * I really want to thank our co-ordinator, Prof. Seema Hiramani, who organized this visit. * I am greatful to our professor in-charge Mr. G.R.Arora, who guided us to the whole visit. * I expressed my thanks to the employees of the firm for taking out their precious time for us and providing us necessary information. * I am thankful my parents, my friend and mates who helped me with my motivation and creating this project.

* Preface
* Acknowledgement
* Certificate
* Introduction
* Factory Location
* Company History
* Brief introduction of the company
* Utilities
* Awards of the PARLE Biscuits
* Goal and Mission of the company
* Organization chart
* Production management
* Types of products
* Sweets and Treats
* Availability of the raw material
* Production process
* Production chart
* Quality control
* Plant Layout
* Production capacity
* Chart of Production management
* Marketing management
* Four "P" of marketing
1. Product
2. Promotion
3. Price
4. Place
* Human Resources
* Nos. of employees
* Shift and Time
* Source of recruitment
* Training on new worker
* Employee benefit and service
* Selection of new employee
* History of HACCP
* Conclusion
* Bibliography


Plot No. 1010 & 1011 A-B,
Phase-4, Naroda GIDC,

1)There are some raw materials, which are common and found everywhere. Factory gets these types of raw materialnear by, so the factory was located at this place.
2)Another important factor is labour. They are available at reasonable rates.
3)The facilities for transportation at cheap rate is available at this place.
4)The special advantage offered by this place is that government has offered subsidy in taxes and power charges etc.
5)AEC provides power to the factory at reasonable rates continuously.


A long time ago when the British ruled over India, a small factory was set up in the suburbs of Mumbai city to manufacture Sweets and Toffees in the year 1929 and the market was dominated by famous international brands that were imported...
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