Parasite Relationship

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Herman Bimikwe
English 204
Dr. Wallis
Fall 2012
Parasitic Relationship
Franz Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” is a masterpiece that relates to the many life events we often encounter. In this case Kafka portrays the protagonist in a certain perspective to show the value of a family member. What are the individuals you consider as family willing to do for you in the worst of times? It is a question that the protagonist in “Metamorphosis” had to deal with all of a sudden due to his transformation. ….. This view blends in with the most resonating theme of this story which is alienation. For a good portion of the story before the physical transformation the protagonist, Kafka’s readers can detect act of alienation coming from his family. They lack to show him the true affection he deserves after all he does. They treat him not differently from a machine.

I think that Gregor’s transformation alienates him even more from his family than before. Although he probably questioned on why he was treated in such manners by his family, he certainly came to realize the reason during this trial time with his family. As a human he was very useful but once his siblings realize he no longer is useful, they arrive to the conclusion of getting rid of him because of the burden he has become.

The irony in this story is the fact that the protagonist goes through a metamorphosis in the physical sense but philosophically, one can observe that he had always been a bug to his family and becoming one physically has minimal effects on him personally. It is a time in his life when he does not have to do anything such as labor work in order to support his family. More importantly, it is a time in which his family can show appreciation for all the sacrifices he has done but unfortunately they grow tired of helping him. Another ironic point in Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” is that despite the way the protagonist is treated by his family, he does not cease to be overburdened by guilt. That guilt is...
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