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  • Published : May 15, 2011
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According to Professor Daniel’s notes, a paraphilia is an uncommon sexual expression that can be classified as either non-coercive or coercive. Although men and women have these atypical sexual behaviors, “more males are reported and prosecuted,” in which makes it difficult for them to establish relationships.

Non-coercive paraphilias are solo activities that someone does or it involves someone else who agrees to participate and therefore is a voluntary participant. Fetishism is the more common non-coercive paraphilia in which it is a “sexual arousal primarily from a body part or inanimate object such as women’s lingerie, gloves and high-heeled shoes.” According to RelayHealth, “Experts think it may be caused by differences in the brain or nervous system. It might also be related to things such as sexual abuse or a family history of mental illness and generally starts during childhood or the teen years.” It also states that males are the majority to having this disorder. A fetishism in which sexual arousal is achieved from wearing clothes of the other sex is classified as Transvestic Fetishism. It is generally applied to heterosexual men. Sexual arousal from giving physical or psychological pain is called Sadism and Masochism is sexual arousal from receiving pain, also known as bondage. Some other paraphilias include Klismaphilia; receiving enemas, Coprophilia; contact with feces, Urophilia; contact with urine (also known as ‘golden showers”) and autoerotic asphyxia which reduces blood supply to the brain during heightened sexual arousal. It is also the one paraphilia that is most dangerous and could result in death.

Coercive paraphilias are sexual behaviors forced on an unwilling person that violates the person’s basic rights and almost always leaves the person traumatized after the distasteful experience. Exhibitionism is “a recurrent urge or behavior of indecently exposing one’s genital areas to an unsuspecting, unwilling person. It is also...
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