Paranormal Activity

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  • Published : November 29, 2011
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Derek Henning
Psychology guest speaker

Paranormal activity with Dane P. Dario

Paranormal activity is a interesting topic that people have different opinions on. I was recently presented with some information on paranormal activities from Dane P. Dario a senior at Michigan State University. Dane has done a lot of research and has performed a lot of investigations on paranormal activities in Lansing Michigan.

Dane seemed very educated in paranormal activities and is writing a book on his research. He also has created a website titled He claims that a couple of halls at MSU are to have some spirits as residents. Dane has investigated this theory and has personally never had any thing show up. A lot of people believe in spirits and a lot of people don’t. Dane was really honest about it and has never had a personal experience with a spirit but knows many people that have.

Personal theories and beliefs on this topic vary from person to person. It was interesting to hear all the suspicion the class had at the end of his presentation. A lot of students shared personal information of weird things that has happened in the past. It is a very interesting topic and creates a spooky atmosphere when discussed. I have had some weird things happen with the Ouija board on many occasions. I am undecided in this area and enjoy the atmosphere that is created while using the Ouija board. Dane stated that when someone dies, the body loses 21 grams. So the weight lose is the spirit leaving the body. That is kind of creepy and it does make a lot of since. I enjoyed this guest speaker and it opened my mind a little bit to this subject of paranormal activity.
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