Paranoid Personality Disorder

Topics: Schizotypal personality disorder, Paranoia, Schizophrenia Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Paranoid Personality Disorder
Paranoid personality is a disorder that causes people to feel as though close friends or even totally strangers have it out for them and that people are trying to hurt them. It is a disorder that lasts a life time and can only be treated not cured. People with PPD tend to get it during adulthood and it is primarily found in males. PPD destroys the lives of about 2.5% of the human population including the life of celebrity Miley Cyrus. PPD is said to be a minuet personality disorder that should just be considered a branch of schizophrenia but in reality it is a very serious and hurtful disorder that should be taken every seriously. People with PPD are not just paranoid they are under constant emotional trauma a feeling no one can truly understand unless they have it or they know someone who has it.

People with PPD tend to be very suspicious and have major trust issues. They fear that others will use information against them with the intention of causing harm. PPD causes its victims to questions the motives of every person around them and makes them see hidden messages in people’s actions without any proof. People with this disorder tend not to make good “team players” and have major jealously issues, for this reason many patients are single or isolated. Because people with paranoid personality disorder think people are always out to get them, any little criticism or remark is taken very personal and they tend to hold extreme grudges. PPD in some cases also causes its victims to be very aggressive, hostile, argumentative or stubborn. Relaxation is out of the question for people with PPD along with any feelings of warmth or affection because they tend to be very distant and cold in relationships. A sense of humor also tends to be very rare when it comes to paranoid personality victims.

So how can one tell if he has PPD? Well there is no real test for the disorder other than a long series of mental exams along with an extensive...
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