Paranoia and Poverty

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  • Topic: Poverty, Delusional disorder, Delusion
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  • Published : March 22, 2011
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Paranoia is a mental condition where it’s suffers feel the world or other people are “out to get” them. Poverty is the lowest economical state to be in, poor. There are obvious differences between being paranoid and being in poverty, but there are similarities as well. It seems obscure but if analyzed closely the comparisons seem to become easier to see. There are apparent differences in paranoia and poverty. Paranoia is a mental condition and poverty is a state where the person affected has a severe lack of money. Paranoia affects the person’s personal relationships, they become socially isolated, whereas being poor has no influence on building relationships. Paranoid people have high amounts of anxiety and fear that can turn into delusional thoughts and being irrational. An impoverished person can completely mentally stable and capable of many different things, there only short coming is their lack of money. Paranoia is a mental state. Sufferers of this mental disease think people (even ones they don’t know) are out to get them. Some believe there is a gene that is passed to children who may or may not develop symptoms in their late teens or early twenties. It can also develop in people who have no family history of it. It can arise in high stress situation where people can’t cope and also by mind-altering drugs. Paranoia can be overcome by hard work in therapy and support from those around them. Also, there are facilities that help in rehabilitation and give them the tools they need to function normally in society. Poverty is an economical state. It is living without enough money, food, or shelter. Children can be born into impoverished families, but they can also be born into wealthy families but end up in poverty in adulthood. Wealthy businessmen can become poor if their businesses decline even after years of success. Poverty can be overcome simply by diligence to succeed, though most need some sort of financial aid for the initial boost to regain a...
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