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Will Paralympics athletes be equal to abled Olympic athletes?

Oscar Pistorius will run in the 2012 summer Olympics after achieving the qualifying time. All of a sudden people or the able athletes are scared of what an athlete who is disabled can achieve and face the possibility of being outrun. For the first time in history an athlete will run in both Paralympic and Olympic event. I strongly believe that if he has qualified with the correct time he should run in the Olympics but like any competition it should be fair. Like every sport reader I do question if his fibre legs give him an advantage or it just that the world is afraid of someone who is disabled capable of being better than abled person. Whatever the reason is I decided to find out if he does really have any advantages through the scientific research that has been done on his legs. One of the controversies that is being said is that is his Cheetah Flex Foot give him an advantage. He has already achieved history by competing in daegu in the world championship in 2007. What advantage or disadvantage does the Cheetah flex-foot give to Oscar Pistorius? Two wrong ideas about Oscar Pistorius:

-The prosthetic limbs have nothing to do with the fact he is running faster, it has do with his training he is doing on his thighs above the knee. -According to the CAS (Court of Arbitration for sport)who overturned the ruling of the IAAF, the IAAF should do a an assessment on the prosthetic legs. The rule basically states that: “the use of any technical device that incorporates springs, wheels, or any other element that provides the user with an advantage over another athlete not using such a device.” With this ruling Pistorius is not allowed to use any further development of the prosthetic limbs of the Cheetah without the IAAF running tests on them. What is questioned in this ruling by the CAS is the fact what the IAAF means by the use “technical device” and most importantly what they mean by...
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