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Paragraph 1
I am thoroughly excited about the possibility of being hired for the position of Medical Administrative Assistant here at St. Mary’s Adult Care. I have always enjoyed being around people, and I am highly skilled when it comes to making people feel comfortable, especially in situations that may not be ideal or very comfortable for them. I continually find myself seeking employment in jobs that put me in the position of dealing directly with people. At any given moment, I could be helping someone solve an issue, speaking a few gentle words to put a smile upon their face, or nursing someone back to health with a soft kindness that I am proud to possess.  I found my love of taking care of people when my father had a heart attack on the job and could no longer work. It was then that I became his main caregiver. This forced me to mature quickly. I was the only child at home during that time, and my mother was always working, so this placed me in the position to start taking on adult responsibilities. I began paying bills, I made sure that my father had breakfast in the morning and had taken his medication before I went off to school. While taking care of my father, I learned the names of his medications and what their purposes were; I gave him his insulin shots, performed glucose testing and readings, took his blood pressure, as well as planning nutritional meals to keep his heart in good shape and his diabetes under control. I did this through my entire four years of high school.  What I have learned from taking care of my father is patience, courteousness, the importance of listening to what the patient needs, and no matter how bad your day goes, never let it show or take it out on anyone.

My golden rule when taking care of the elderly is to treat others the way that you want to be treated.  You have to remember that at any time, your loved one could be that patient who simply needs a kind smile while they are hurting. I feel that this position is a...
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