Paragraphing Using Quotes

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Professor Kratz
ENG 101
Paragraphing Using Quotes

The Internet today has given us new and exciting alternatives to the way we live our lives, in doing so it has also brought problems with it. I like to note a couple of problems dealing with the media and social networking by using a quote from Christine Rosen and Clay Shirky. I will start with a quote from Christine Rosen from the essay “Virtual friendship and the new narcissism”, it highlights a problem of losing personal contact, “We should also take note of the trend toward giving up face–to–face for virtual contact – and, in some cases, a preference for the latter. Today, many of our cultural, social, and political interactions take place through eminently convenient technological surrogates...” This explains how were losing personal contact with the outside world in lieu of technology. In the next quote by Clay Shirky from his essay “Everyone is a media outlet”. He also explains a loss from the physical to virtual. “Digital means of distributing words and images have robbed newspapers of the coherence they formerly had, the physical object of the newspaper as a merely provisional solution; now every article is its own section. Here we see the digital or virtual means of news has taken away the need to physically having a newspaper. These quotes together would seem to explain how we are losing touch with reality and are opting for more virtual world. Today we can shop food, clothes, find friends, and even bank online, this has definitely taken away from personal contact. As we move into the future, the virtual world will expand into different and exciting things; personal contact will suffer in the advancements of the virtual world.
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