Paragraph on Water

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Paragraph on Water
Water is a precondition of life. Besides various uses of water, it is mainly used in irrigation as India is an agricultural country. Water is a renewable resource. Life is impossible without water. Its uses are limitless whether it is in home or in fields or in industries. We get water mainly from rain, rivers, wells, ponds and lakes. Sea-water is almost useless for domestic or industrial purposes. India is said to be a Monsoon country. But the distribution of Monsoon rainfall is uneven both regionally and seasonally. Moreover, it is not dependable as its occurrence is not at stipulated times. River is the main source of surface water. The mean annual flow of the Indian rivers is estimated to be about 1,869 billion cubic metres (bcm). About 690 billion cubic metres or 36.92 percent of it is available for use. On the basis of hydrology, Indian rivers are divided into: Himalayan rivers and Peninsular rivers. Himalayan rivers have their resources in the glaciers and snow fields, so they are perennial in nature. Peninsular rivers depend on monsoon rains, so they are seasonal.

Type of water

Drinking Water
The Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water (OGWDW), together with states, tribes, and its many partners, protects public health by ensuring safe drinking water and protecting ground water. OGWDW, along with EPA's ten regional drinking water programs, oversees implementation of the Safe Drinking Water Act, which is the national law safeguarding tap water in America. Ground Water

This page includes links to the Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water's activities to protect ground water, including the Underground Injection Control Program, the Ground Water Rule and source water protection. It also includes information on household wells and classroom activities related to ground water. Lakes

Lakes and reservoirs cover nearly 40 million acres of the United States. This page includes the National Lakes Assessment, summaries of lake water quality, the Clean Lakes Program under the Clean Water Act, funding for lake restoration under the Nonpoint Source Program, and Lakes Awareness Month Oceans, Coasts, Estuaries and Beaches

The Oceans and Coastal Protection Division envisions clean and safe oceans and coasts that sustain human health, the environment, and the economy. Rivers & Streams
Find links to data on the quality of the nation's rivers and streams. Wastewater
EPA's Office of Wastewater Management (OWM) oversees a range of programs contributing to the well-being of the nation's waters and watersheds. OWM promotes compliance with the requirements of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act. Under the Clean Water Act, OWM works with EPA regions, states and tribes to regulate discharges into surface waters such as wetlands, lakes, rivers, estuaries, bays and oceans.

Use of water

Water in Daily Life
We wake up in the morning, take a shower, brush our teeth, grab a cup of coffee and head out for the day. Water is an important part of our daily lives and we use it for a wide variety of purposes. Water also plays a big role in our local communities. Without water there would be no local business or industry. Fire fighting, municipal parks, and public swimming pools all need lots of water. An array of pipes, canals, and pumping stations managed by our public water systems are needed to bring a reliable supply of water to our taps each day. Where does all this water come from? It starts out as rain or snow and flows into our local lakes, rivers and streams or into underground aquifers. You can learn more about water in your state, including how it is being protected and where your local drinking water comes from. Form of water

Evaporation is the process of a liquid becoming vaporized. In other words, a change in phase in the atmosphere occurs when substances change from a liquid to a gaseous, or vapor, form. Because we are talking about atmospheric processes that...
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