Paradoxical Twins Acme Omega

Topics: John Tyler, President of the United States, President Pages: 1 (370 words) Published: February 13, 2008
What are the goals at Acme? At Omega?
Referring to the case, in order to be able to beat Omega regularly for the most profitable contracts, the goals at Acme show a great deal of concerns for increasing profitability that reflects the overall performance of Acme. Acme also emphasizes on increasing productivity and high-volume output of printed circuits and their subsequent assembly as John Tyler, trying to retain the basic structure developed by Technological Products. Furthermore, Acme is looking at internal efficiency as the president of Acme, John Tyler, detailing organization charts and job descriptions. ... As for Omega, according to the president, Jim Rawls, the goals that they are pursuing reflect much greater concern for employee satisfaction and employees' feeling of belongingness to be part of the organization. Omega is also going after the goals that employees should be familiar with activities throughout the organization in order to increase the overall performance of coordination and internal processes across the company. ... Acme's president has a firm grip whereas Omegas president does not, he seems to be more laid back. Referring to the case, the president John Tyler at Acme, assigned employees to specific tasks, clarify their work roles as he detailed organization charts and job descriptions and he believed everyone should have clear responsibilities and narrowly defined jobs. ... Whereas Omega's president Jim Rawls did not believe in organization charts, he thought his plant is small enough that people could communicate and he seeks the opinions and suggestions of workers. ... As for effectiveness values, Acme values an external focus with control for efficiency while Omega is concerned with internal effectiveness for human resource development. ... The strategy Acme is pursuing is could be low-cost leadership. ... The strategy Omega is following could be defender strategy because it primarily with internal efficiency and control to produce...
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