Paradoxes and Promises of the California Dream

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  • Published : March 21, 2011
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In "California: A People, a Place, a Dream," James J. Rawls states that the California dream is a dialect in which a synthesis or new dream is formed from a paradox and promise. These two things are joined together to form the new dream. The promise for a better life and the paradoxes of expectation, growth, and plenty are at the center of the dream. The dialectic helps the paradoxes, a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory; find a resolution by creating a new dream that has the virtues of balance, control, restraint, and the possibility of innovation.

The California dream promised to fulfill people's deepest longing for a better future filled of new freedoms. The dream was fueled from the universal human needs. California was free from the restraints of traditions and history. It seemed to be able to shape the nature of things to come. Many people came to California for a chance of success and opportunities. They would hear about the beautiful weather and landscapes of California through letters and songs that were written by family and friends living in California. This attracted many snowbound Easterners and Mid westerners to come. During the Twentieth Century, California was thought to be the Promised Land. California was being described as a superlative. Although The California dream only shows the promises being made, the dream is not static of fixed. Just like the dream, things change that affect people’s perception of the dream.

The expectation of the California dream increase as more and more people came into California. They came in hopes for a better life than the one they left behind. Enthusiastic boosters believed California is the best and possibly their last chance at success. They recruited many of their friends and family to come to California to fulfill their dreams. The California dream has many versions because there are different types of dreamers. The growing population and the great expectations of...
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