Paradise of the Blind

Topics: Vietnam, Communism, Political philosophy Pages: 3 (1210 words) Published: April 20, 2013
World literature two

Statement of intent

I plan to elaborate on the political aspects of Paradise of the Blind by writing a formal letter to the Vietnam government. The Vietnam government banned this book from the country because of the all encompassing political aspects included in the book. In the authors books all of the aspects of life are demonstrated and the total view was an unattractive image for the leaders. This book was banned because it went against what a government hopes to portray to their people. Duong Thu Huong worked for the Communist Youth Brigade at the age of 20 but was expelled from the communist party in 1989. She has been imprisoned numerous times for her outspoken support for human rights and democratic political reform and is no longer allowed to leave Vietnam. In Paradise of the blind, her fourth book written and her fourth book to be banned, she included government acts such as the effects of communists on the people such as the land reform act, and Ratification of Errors. The large political attraction and its effect on the people are a large part of her books but the cultural aspects are also prominent. I hope to convince the Vietnamese government to publish this book which would provide a better understanding for the people in and out of Vietnam. The reason I chose to do a letter it because it allows me to show the government’s large and influential part in the people’s lives and as well as discus the cultural aspects. The government banned the book in 1991 and I wanted to explore why it was important enough to ban and hopefully have an objective view on why it would be good to publish it.

President Trương Tấn Sang,

Thank you for the honor of taking time out of your day to read my letter. I would like to address the Book Paradise of the Blind by Duong Thu Huong. Because it was banned from your country you might not be familiar with the work but I am sure you are aware of the author. She is well...
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