Paradise Now Review

Topics: Suicide methods, Kamikaze, Tel Aviv Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: November 18, 2012
"Paradise Now" is a shocking, eye-opening attempt at understanding the minds and hearts of suicide bombers. I really feel this movie opened my eyes to the other side of the world and I truly felt for these men and their people. The struggles they had to deal with in their own country are mind blowing. Although I do not agree with their decisions; they do take a chance of giving their lives to fight for their families and their own beliefs. I thank god for the freedom and living conditions we have here in America.

Said and Khaled, the main characters of this film, are never less than fully human characters. They are real. They have their doubts and anxieties about carrying out their mission, although for the sake of morale, they keep those doubts mostly to themselves. For Said and Khaled, maintaining their faith to carry out such radical actions requires regular bouts of prayer; they know Allah is watching them. When Said and Khaled receive word that it is time; they have volunteered for a suicide mission, to slip into Tel Aviv and detonate explosives strapped to their bodies on a crowded bus. You can see how scared they are that there time has come but this is what they feel they were meant to do in their lives for Allah and their families. Life under the occupation was never livable to them in the first place. Their water was said to be contaminated, food was scarce; living conditions were just horrendous. When Khaled says, "I am already dead," his stare is so horribly absent that we have no choice but to believe him. Although I don’t believe in committing suicide and taking others lives; I can truly almost feel their pain and understand why they feel the need for their actions.

The mens final preparations; such as the videotaping of militant final statements, with each man holding a machine gun and reading from a script, was unreal to me. I truly don’t believe this would be the last way their families would like to see them. I didn’t feel...
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