Paradise Lost

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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February 12,2013
Positive Vs. Negativity
"The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven." This quote that was said by Satan in an excerpt from Paradise Lost, is very self explanatory in many different perspective. Words are one of the most powerful way to express our thinking, feelings and our way to communicate our thoughts. In my opinion, just from this quote one can learn that there are many ways to find bad in many things, but there are also many good things if you want to search for it. Just like from the quote Satan the antagonist, was defeated by God the almighty protagonist and he knows he cannot outdo the almighty God who reign. Therefore, he sees hell in a different perspective where he sees freedom and he himself can be the one who rule the place. by turning something bad around with a positive perspective can help one see all of the good qualities that can make them feel glorious.

There are many complication that people have to face every day, and it can affect them positively or negatively. As human beings, we sometimes lose hope after being brought down by an obstacle that we cannot defeat. We also, have a tendency to feel bad after facing a some complication in our life, but according to the quote we do have a choice to be positive about our complication or to let it get to us. According to many stories, the Satan is always the bad antagonist who is always wrong , but ironically in paradise lost the Satan can be positive and right for once. He is right that we can make a heave of hell or a hell of heaven. One can be given the most luxury and yet they are not satisfied and suffered. another way around, one can be give the most burdensome life and yet they are happy and enjoying every moment of their life. Why is that sometimes people can be so miserable even with all the luxury? Well because they don't see the good things in life and they are not thankful enough of what they have. for once, Satan...
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