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We always want what we can’t get. People from the poorer countries in the world want to live in a world with cars and modern technology, and many people who already have these things forget to appreciate it. Furthermore, some of them actually don’t want to help people in the poorer countries, because they want keep nature values of the poor countries. Values the natives don’t appreciate. But why do so many people have this romantic idea of the opposite life? This theme is explored in the short story “Paradise” from 1995, written by Matthew Kneale.

The story is written in a third person singular, and the narrator is intrusive because Neville’s thoughts and feelings are presented, so the story is told from Nevilles point of view and perspective. The story is not told I chronological order, because it starts in the present, and then there is a flash back where Neville tells about the circumstances that lead him to Drughat and the story ends in present again. In this way a livelier frame for the text is created, and it helps the reader to get a more authentic feeling, while reading the text.

The short story “Paradise” is about the protagonist Neville, who is a guidebook author. The action takes place in Drughat, and starts in media res, by Neville wakes up to the smell of fire, and Neville is offered breakfast with the native Thakali and his family. The natives in Drughat are very friendly to Neville, and Neville got the idea that they are so kind because of their cheerfulness. He has the theory that the natives are very happy because the village Drughat is so desolate and untouched by tourists. Neville almost describes the natives as “Paradise falls,” he describes their city as a Paradise and its inhabitants as saints, who isn’t destroyed by capitalism and civilization. Neville’s romantic vision of the inhabitants is also seen in the sentence “The group of people were gathered about the fire, their faces lit by the warm orange glow...
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