Paradigms and International Relations

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PARADIGMS AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Abstract In this essay I will discuss the aspects of being a Realist, and Idealist, as well as discuss the


meaning of ecological paradigms. There are many assumptions as to what it means to be a realist or an idealist, and while there is always a different meaning to something for someone else, I will do my best to try to eliminate any question as to what realists, idealists, and ecological paradigms mostly stand for. I will then discuss which one of these I prefer as a citizen of the United States and how I believe that things truly are when comparing to my life experiences. This will lead into my ideals on international affairs today and the combination of those and the paradigms discussed. Lastly, I will discuss three important principle differences between realists and idealists and their approaches to international relations.

PARADIGMS AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Paradigms and International Relations In our textbook, World Politics In The 21st Century, it defines Political Realism as a “philosophical position that assumes that human beings are imperfect and possess an innate desire for power”. (Duncan,Webster,Switky, p. 33) I do believe that it does not matter what it is you are asking to be defined, the definition is always going to depend on who you are asking. Every individual as a unique point of view which might just be a slightly different perspective than the man next to him. This assumption that all people are naturally going to behave badly many people have frowned upon and stated that this type of negative outlook is only going to


feed into the negative behavior that might be of question. Realists have often been said to have a more cynical view on life than an idealist. But when talking to a realist, they are going to explain to you that there is nothing crazy about accepting the truth of the matter. Everyone needs a little dose of reality everyone once in a while, and sure enough a realist will be right there ready and happy to give it. But how healthy can it be always going through your days assuming that “life is cruel, brutal, and short”. (Meyer) The amount of life that one would miss out on and let slip right out from underneath them out of fear that something bad may possibly happen to them is hideous. Not only are there people that are in this world many would consider the label imperfect, this world that we are living in is as well very, very far from perfection. While the views of a realist seem to be extreme, it does tend to be an accurate outlook on how human beings behave. Humans have proven to society that they do and will continue to do harmful things to each other as well as other things and walks of life. As you look at every aspect of the human life, it is evident that power is apart of all activities and seems to be the decision maker.

PARADIGMS AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS When referring political realism to international relations it becomes a little more complicated. However, realism is the most important paradigm when it comes to international


relations. The views of how one handles a situation, or how one moves forward in looking at was conflicts arise and how to deal with these conflicts is most often determining their stand point whether it be realism, or idealism. Realist believe that this world is an obstacle course which we are all racing upon, and there is only one winner. And this winner takes all. Determining the use of power, the consequences of your use of power, as well as the containment of the amount of power said has is important to the realist. They believe that war is something that cannot be avoided. War is an exhaustion of power, and only the most dominant will succeed in this militia way. It is said that they also believe that all humans are born with this same drive for power as well as the desire for glory and having a meaty militia would disperse...
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