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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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Paradigm Shift
remote controls

In America, we use the remote control for virtuously, everything, whether we realize it or not! Remotes are found in our homes, classrooms, cars, garages, military, workforce, and have been utilized since its origin in the late 40's early 50's.

Hands free control on our most loved electronic devices, it's amazing how something so small would grow to have such a grand impact on our society. Since then, our entertainment, health, and technology has been affected both positively and negatively in our society.

"It was in June of 1956, that the practical television remote controller first entered the American home. However, as far back as 1893, a remote control for television was described by Nikola Tesla in U.S. Patent. "(Bellis) Prior to that, remotes were used for militia advances in Germany, as well as the U.S. and this was the first sign of tech advancement with hands free wireless control.

Today, the remote control has been utilized and advanced astronomically in technology. It's being used in our homes on our televisions, garages, stereo systems, pet training systems, and electronic devices. "Manufacturers used to only make remote controls that operated one TV set. However, they've recently begun making universal remote controls that can operate any TV set, yet alone any electronic device," ( Moyer, 1999) Experts predict that someday remote controls will control almost every device in the home.

When a paradigm shifts, it's described as when , "A new model based on a set of rules replaces and old model." so, let's further delve into how something as simplistic as the remote control moves through this daily paradigm shift that we encounter day to day.

Firstly, how has it impacted our entertainment?
Remote controls have previously been used in our military in tanks as well as other equipment. Now, remotes are used hands free on our televisions, game counsels, and communication systems now can be converted for...
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