Paracetamol and Rheumatic Pain Management

Topics: Paracetamol, Pain, Analgesic Pages: 3 (689 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Journal Article Critique
HCA 220
Kayla Dye
Wanda Carter

This article explains what pains the elderly suffer from. Musculoskeletal pain in mentioned to be the most common. It mentions the causes being rheumatic pain, different types of arthritis, and non curable conditions such as tendonitis and bursitis. It states that pain management can either be treated with pharmaceuticals or non pharmaceuticals. Education of the patient of treatment is important in order to maintain good health with non pharmaceuticals. With pharmaceuticals are also offered but are mentioned to be “cost-effective” and since they contain “NSAIDs” there is less risk for harmful effects with effective relief of symptoms. Any of the pharmaceuticals that the elderly use should be used with caution because of sensitivity and drug interactions. This requires attention and adjustments of dosages to avoid risk and be beneficial at the same time. This article states there are four broad categories of treatment which include analgesics, NSAIDs, even stronger analgesics, and adjuvant drugs. With all these drugs they should be maintained efficiently throughout the period of treatment and physicians should be aware of the effects. The goals that are discussed with patients and physicians should be realistic for the pain management to be effective. They are ways to help side effects of rheumatic pain such as helping sleep disturbance, fatigue, and mood disorders. For any of this to be effective educational efforts must still be involved with the patient and healthcare professional perspectives. An accurate diagnosis for rheumatic pain management will help if the patients are realistic as this article states. These treatments should be multimodal, but pay attention to the health of the patient. The best outcome would be to have a great impact on the pain and improve their lives and with the wider range of options of treatment that can make it possible and help physicians with...
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