Parable of the Sower

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  • Published : October 31, 2005
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Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler, definitely showed the true definition of what a society could come too. Very satisfied with the novel, I believe that Butler does an amazing job unfolding the government. The main character is described a younger women in an indifferent and diverse upbringing. Human nature in this book is described as impassive, barbaric, insanity ridden, and yet devil possessed. People are good with in their nature, but their picture perfect images can be blemished by their environment. We all have savage human behavior behind our politically correct behavior.

The plan I am going to cover in this essay is the fact that the government seems to treat every individual in society differently. Different social classes and ethnicity play a key role in this essay. With many key supporting facts I am able to support my thesis statement.

The environment is full of dishonesty, bribery, cruelty, and destruction. But yet, people then go insane which cause death, destruction, rape, robbery and violence. All this is what causes the civilization to end up diminishing. In the end the people seem to be civil Americans until their lives verse others. Butler suggests the protection of Americans against the political system. Wishing the government had a higher impact on people's lives; I believe that the government should have a role of being paternalistic. Because not every civilian understands the laws of the government as a whole. I believe that the government is not concerned with the well being of the civilians. The world is not equal and racism and prejudice do exist. Caucasians do get treated better and differently then African Americans. The government needs to treat everybody the same because different groups require different desires. If we all required the same needs and wants the government would be so much easier to handle as a whole. For example, when you go to a high class restaurant you are seated by your social...
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