Papyrus of Hunefer

Topics: Isis, Set, Osiris Pages: 1 (460 words) Published: August 4, 2012
Hunefer is the author of Papyrus of Hunefer (New Kingdom (around 1550 BC) to 50 BC) ,which is a copy of the funerary Eygptian Book of the Dead which represents one of the classic examples of these texts, along with others such as the Papyrus of Ani. The medium used for this artwork is the papyrus painting. It located in The Hall of Matt with size 18 feet by 1 foot 3/8 inches. The elements of art included in this artwork are colour, line and value. The colour used in Papyrus of Hunefer is the analogous colour which is red brown, yellow brown and brown colours. The line used is the organic lines which represent in the spells on the wall and geometric lines which can be shown in the figures and human. From the top left of painting, there is a soul of Hunefer. His both hands are raise up in V-shape to be a praying pose. His one leg is squat and another leg is kneeling down. His head is in side view to the audience. Looking towards the right, there are 14 judges sit in a row. They wearing white, dirty green and yellow ochre. The first 7 judges are holding a key from left. The 14 judges are representing the 5 Gods which are Air, Water, Fire, Light and Earth. The Gods of Air are Shu and Utterance. Besides that, the Gods of Water are Tefnut and Isis. The Gods of Fire are Nut and Perception. The Gods of Light are Ra-Heru-khuti-tem and Horus whereas the Gods of Earth are Geb and Nephthys.

From the left in the left bottom, soul of Hunefer is lead by Anubis who a fox head and holding a key. In the middle part, a scale call The Scale of Matt placed in the middle of painting. Deceased’s heart and feather place on left and right tray respectively. Anubis is weighting the heart and Ammit which a monster with crocodile head, lion and hippopotamus body sit beside the scale. In the right side of the scale, Thoth who is a bird head is holding palette and pen to record. A falcon head Horus is holding a key and placed in the right bottom. On the right side of the...
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