Pappadeax and Red Lobster

Topics: Restaurant, Food, Seafood Pages: 3 (1001 words) Published: April 28, 2011
Pappadeux and Red Lobster
Pamela E. Daniely
ENG 121
Prof. Renee Gurley
April 11, 2011

From a mouth-watering fresh lobster tail to tasty fried alligator, everyone loves some type of seafood. Many people consider Pappadeux and Red Lobster to be the best seafood restaurant in the area. They are both known for serving wonderful, fresh seafood; the difference is in the menu, the service that you receive, the quality of the food served, and the overall atmosphere of the dining experience that sets them apart from one another. When dining at Pappadeux you will have the experience of elegant, New Orleans style seafood elaborate dishes on the menu. Pappadeux is also known for the Cajun style seafood that is served at the restaurant and the most famous dish is blackened alligator, served with red beans and rice and the tasty appetizers trio of fried alligator bites, onion peels and fried crab fingers, with the most delicious sauce to add additional zesty flavor. Red Lobster on the other hand has been made famous for the buttery biscuits that will simply melt in your mouth and the delightful lobster tails dipped in butter that will serve up any hungry man or woman’s appetite. The menu at Red Lobster also serves the type of food such as jumbo crab-legs that goes great with an ice-cold glass of beer. Distinguishing each restaurant further is the service that is provided at each restaurant. When dining at both Pappadeaux and Red Lobster, the manner in which one is served varies greatly. If you chose to dine at Pappadeux, each patron is greeted by an exquisitely dressed staff. The wait staff is dressed in black slacks, white tuxedo shirts, and classic bow ties, while the hostess attire is all black. The staff greets each diner with the traditional how many will be dining with us tonight and treats her or him with the utmost respect and dignity. In contrast, at Red Lobster which is more relaxed the staff also wears black pants and white shirts but...
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