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Topics: Invictus, 1995 Rugby World Cup, South Africa national rugby union team Pages: 3 (735 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Tayson, Christine Marie J.

I. Title: Invictus
II. Characters:
* Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela
* Matt Damon as Francois Pienaar
* Julian Lewis Jones as Etienne Feyder[4]
* Adjoa Andoh as Brenda Mazibuko
* Patrick Mofokeng as Linga Moonsamy
* Matt Stern as Hendrick Booyens
* Marguerite Wheatley as Nerine Winter
* Leleti Khumalo as Mary
* McNiel Hendriks as Chester Williams,
* Scott Eastwood as Joel Stransky
* Zak Feaunati as Jonah Lomu
* Grant L. Roberts as Ruben Kruger
* Rolf E. Fitschen as Naka Drotske
* Vaughn Thompson as Rudolph Straeuli
* Charl Engelbrecht as Garry Pagel
* Graham Lindemann as Kobus Wiese
* Sean Cameron Michael as Springbok Equipment Manager

III. Setting: South Africa
IV. Plot
On 11 February 1990, Nelson Mandela is released from Victor Verster Prison after 27 years spent in jail. Four years later, Mandela is elected the first black President of South Africa. His presidency faces enormous challenges in the post-Apartheid era, including rampant poverty and crime. Mandela is particularly concerned about racial divisions between black and white South Africans, which could lead to violence. The ill will which both groups hold towards each other is seen even in his own security detail where relations between the established white officers, who had guarded Mandela's predecessors, and the black ANC additions to the security detail, are frosty and marked by mutual distrust.Mandela was elected President of South Africa marks a radical change in the country. This change away from apartheid will not be easy for anyone in the country, but Mandela has to figure out how to galvanize the residents of the country together. Because of his love of the game, Mandela places his support behind the Springboks, the national rugby team. While attending a game of the Springboks, the country's rugby union team, Mandela recognizes that the blacks in the stadium cheer...
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