Paperwork: United Kingdom and English Language

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  • Published : June 28, 2012
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English in Camp is the gathering of targeted students who are confined to a designated place to participate in the activities planned. While doing so, students are instructed, encouraged and motivated to use the English language in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. The objectives of the program include inculcating the love of the English language in the participants. Furthermore the program is engineered to stimulate the students' interest in the English language as it promotes learning outside the classroom context. Through participation in the camp, students' self-concept, self confidence and self esteem are enhanced.

The rationale of this program is to present an outlet for the students to bring out their creativity as well as to help them to write better. The focus of doing things outside the language classroom will help the student to relax and not be intimidated by others who are fluent in the English language. Support from friends and the activities planned will help students to enjoy what they are doing, and thus break the barrier that some students have when they are reluctant to use the English language.

To guide the students in achieving success and equip them with the knowledge to face the UPSR 2012 confidently.

1. To enable the pupils to construct sentences and answer the Section A, Section B & Section C in Paper Two correctly. 2. To enable students to use the English Language in context. 3. To enable students to participate in the planned activities while using English in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. 4. To encourage students to appreciate and at the same time stimulate their interest in the English language as it promotes learning outside the classroom context. 5. To enhance self-concept, self-confidence and self-esteem amongst students. 6. To strengthen ties amongst students.

This program is targeted...
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