Topics: Madrasah, Higher education, Education Pages: 276 (99855 words) Published: April 12, 2013

1Meaning of Education1

True Value of Education1
Not Mere Literacy1
Education as Training2
Education as Service3
Service Before Self3
Moral Path4
Living a Good Life4
Laying Strong Foundation4
The Three R’s6
Education as Liberation7
Education as Assimilation7
Overcoming Fear8
Culture of the Heart8
Learning and Courage9
Character versus Knowledge9
Education as Contemplation9
Education of the Whole Child10
Education as Self-discipline11
Right Learning11
Becoming Strong11
Literary Training12
Development of Body, Mind and Spirit12
Science and Responsibility14
Against Atheism15
Education and Culture15
Strengthening of Character16
Knowledge of the Self16
Ideal Education17
Real Education17
Book of Humanity17
Education of the Hand18
Fighting Social Evils18
Making the Whole Man19
Self-supporting Schools19
Training in Crafts20
Nayee Taleem20
Making the Right Choice20
Freedom from Servitude21
Culture as the Foundation21
Education for a New World22

2Aims of Education23

Public Good23
Cardinal Virtues24
Not Mere Employment24
National Service24
Thinking and Becoming25
Knowing the Self25
Building Character26
Manliness and Self-Respect26
Kindness to All27
Knowledge to Character27
Reaching the Ideal28
Making a True Student28
Service of Humanity29
Purity of Personal Life30
Freedom from Bondage30
Quest for Truth31
Sparing the Rod31
Selfless Service32
National Character32
Developing Independent Thinking33
Wholesome Educational Environment34

3Experiments on Education
in South Africa35

Education of Children35
A Peep into the Household38
Tolstoy Farm41
Literary Training43
Training of the Spirit45
Tares Among the Wheat47
Fasting as Penance49

4Experiments on Education in India50

Satyagraha Ashram, Kochrab52
National Gujarati School56
True National Education61
National Higher Education66
National Institutions71
Non-Co-operation Movement’s First University73
Salt Satyagraha75
Freedom Struggle76
The Spinning Wheel Message77
Village Schools82
Self-Supporting Education83
The Best System86
Nayee Taleem86
Newness and Originality87
Education Through Craft87
Basic Education88
Intellectual Development88
Just Social Order91
Manual Labour92
Basic School Product93
Craft and Curriculum94
Nayee Taleem and Medical Education100
Agriculture as a Basic Craft101

5Education at Various Stages
and related questions103

Infant Education103
Early Childhood Education104
Montessori Education109
Nursery Education110
Primary Education110
Secondary Education112
Rural Education114
Teacher-Taught Relationship117
Some Related Questions117
National University130
College Education132
State Universities133
Higher Education133
Self-Supporting Universities134
Reorientation of University Education136
New Universities137

6Thoughts on Various Aspects
of Education140

Mother Tongue Fundamental140
Medium of Instruction: Mother Tongue140
Foreign Medium141...
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