Topics: Television, Narcissistic personality disorder, Adolescence Pages: 5 (1683 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Looking for the source of rude teen personality When you go into search for the core source of personality for the average coarse,rude teenagers it may lead you back to one big entertainment system- T.V. Teens are watching way too many inappropriate shows and learning bad behavior.It’s not just drama’s and cartoon,it's something that is false written as “ reality” making the teens feel like “ well- everyone does thats why they show us”. Reality T.V. is what is harming teen lifestyle.Reality T.V. is harmful to teens because it encourages bad habits, it influences self-devotion or narcissism, and it distorts the image of reality for many teen. Reality T.V will harm teens is because it encourages bad habits. Hope Skeens wrote an article titled “Reality T.V.’s effect on teens” written on behalf of Youth Advisory Commision to show the negative’s of Reality T.V. .Skeen says “ With reality T.V. being so popular, teens are getting exposed to things like sex, drugs and vulgar language” ( Skeen ).Because teens are being exposed to such bad influences through Reality T.V. they will potentially be encouraged to do what they see. “ Monkey see monkey do”. These things being shone to teens are not acceptable in common society because they are rude,immature and represent careless personality.Next, after the exposure of reality tv, teens engage in the habits they see on the harmful television.Skeen says,”You can walk down a high school hall and easily hear several cuss word, a good amount of sexual jokes, and maybe even some talk about drugs or alcohol. That is the type of behavior tv has taught them to be acceptable” (Skeen 1). It feel like someone is basically walking through a scene of “mean girls” or some other over-dramatic high school t.v scene.The sad stinging truth is that those scenes

were all an act but now reality tv has made it “reality”. Reality T.V has now infact deprived the true lives of our teens and turned it into the “reality” lifestyle, where we walk,talk,and breathe just as “everyone else does”- or, “reality” T.V. does.We are now engaged into these habits that were encouraged and shown to us from “reality T.V.”This Is the type of behavior tv has taught them to be acceptable” is a completely true statement because we see these shows as a source of “reality” and its guiding and encouraging teens to have bad habits. By looking at what Skeen has said we can see that Reality T.V. is encouraging bad behavior because teens act upon what they see and also that teens have already started to act upon these bad actions. Reality T.V. is bad is because it creates a mindset of self-devotion or narcissism, where the person has put all mind to themselves and has not valued the feelings of others. First lets find out what narcissism is and how teens are becoming narcissistic. Dr.Drew Pinsky studied the narcissistic mindset in celebrities and reality T.V. show contestants. He did an interview about his book “ The Mirror effect”. Here, he tells us about how teens strive to be famous and how reality T.V. stars have an aura of narcissism around them(Pinsky). This means that they care only about themselves, but also that they only love themselves and they don't value others. They think they are the best and that they deserve fame and attention. This leads to a corrupt personality that has been leaked into the teens through watching Reality T.V. . Most Reality T.V. stars are very self-centered and narcissistic, which is influencing narcissism onto the corrupted teens that watch and encourages narcissism. Teens now become self-centered and don't care about the welfare of others. They will get in everyone's way and they will hurt others without a second thought just to be seen, or just because they only value themselves. This is all happening because the teens have now become narcissism, and narcissistic behavior is being encouraged through reality T.V.. Now, lets look at how reality T.V. encourages narcissism .I have a direct quote coming...
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