Topics: Population pyramid, Demographic economics, Population growth Pages: 26 (7148 words) Published: December 4, 2012
College of Nursing

In Partial Fulfillment of our Requirements
for Community Health Nursing Level III
Related Learning Experience

September 2012

Submitted by
RLE 1.3
ARQUIZA, Andrea Noelle L.
ARREOLA, Ava Bianca U.
ARREOLA, Steven Claude L.
ARRIOLA, Ann Margaret C.
ASIS, Verna Patricia Ann J.
ASUNCION, Louine Aira S.
AUSTRIA, Paulene Faye D.
AVILA, Katherine Angela Nadine F.
AWKIT, Geneva Mae O.
BABANI, Michelle Kayne S.
BACALLA, Ana Gabrielle L.

Submitted to
Mrs. Monaryn A. Borbo, RN, MAN


I. CHAPTER I: INTRODUCTION----------------------------------------------------6 a. Statement of Objectives--------------------------------------------------------6 b. Methodology and Tool Used--------------------------------------------------6 c. Scope and Limitations----------------------------------------------------------7 d. Rationale of the Activity---------------------------------------------------------7 II. CHAPTER II: COMMUNITY DIAGNOSIS--------------------------------------8 e. Setting of the Community------------------------------------------------------8 f. Population--------------------------------------------------------------------------9 g. Socio-Cultural Indices---------------------------------------------------------12 h. Economic Indices---------------------------------------------------------------16 i. Health Indices------------------------------------------------- j. Environmental Indices------------------------------------------------- k. Summary------------------------------------------------- l. Problems Identified------------------------------------------------- m. HELPS Action Plan------------------------------------------------- III. CHAPTER III: SUMMARY OF ACTIVITIES------------------------------------ IV. CHAPTER IV. CONCLUSION----------------------------------------------------- V. APPENDIX A: Financial Report--------------------------------------------------- VI. APPENDIX B: Pictures of Activities---------------------------------------------- VII. APPENDIX C: Curriculum Vitae--------------------------------------------------- VIII. APPENDIX D: Compact Disc------------------------------------------------------




The group would like to thank the Almighty Father for giving them the talent and capability to carry out such special project for the community.

Secondly, to their family and friends, for whom they won’t be able to survive both physical and emotional needs in fulfilling the tasks in this project.

Thirdly, to their Clinical Instructor, Mrs. Ramona Borbo, for whom they won’t get all the guidance they would need to finish this project and be able to step up to the next level as student nurses.

Lastly, to the community that was involved in this project. The group is grateful for being welcomed and entertained by the community.



Community Organizing Participatory Action Research (COPAR) or Community Organizing is a continuous and sustained, as never-ending, process of awareness raising, organizing, and mobilizing. It is based on concrete analysis of the actual situation. This continuous process is by educating the people to understand and develop critical awareness of their existing condition, to work effectively with the people in their community, and to learn to take action towards their immediate needs and long-term problems. Its goal is to achieve development, the creation of a society that provides equal access to all benefits and opportunities the society can offer to the people. COPAR should be based on the interest of the poorest sectors of the society, the powerless and the oppressed. The group aims to provide tools for the clients to achieve community development and people...
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