Topics: Leslie Marmon Silko, Almanac of the Dead, Second Amendment to the United States Constitution Pages: 3 (1308 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Who Should Keep Their Right?
There has been and still is a lot of controversy on the second amendment which is the right to bear arms. Everyone including the government has their own interpretation of what this amendment means. I personally do not think that there will ever be a complete understanding about what “the right to bear arms” actually means and what is and what is not considered the right or wrong way to go about protecting oneself or just having a sense of security. All people are different, have their own beliefs, and have different opinions on what this amendment can interpret too.

In the case of Don Bennet who was arrested for firing at two thieves that robbed him, I think that it was ridiculous that he actually got arrested and the thieves ended up getting away. If he hadn’t had had a gun, he probably would have been killed and the thieves still would not have been caught. The ban of handguns was ridiculous in the first place. He was only trying to protect himself and I don’t think he should have been punished for that. I personally would have done the same thing. Yes, there was a law back then that banned the possession of handguns, but what they failed to realize before making this law was that it was only going to raise the rate of crime. Yes, I am aware that he ran after the thieves after they had left but I would have done the same thing. If there hadn’t had been a ban on handguns, the fact that he did try to get them back wouldn’t really have mattered. He should have not been punished. To Jim Zangrilli, a tax accountant that led the Oak Park Freedom Committee,he says, “Bennett’s story illustrates the misguided emphasis of the ordinance. The ordinance penalizes the victim, not the criminal, putting law-abiding citizens on trial for exercising their right to self-defense.”(Alderman, Kennedy 103). I could not disagree with him more. If someone was shooting a gun in their defense, they should not be punished for it. In the story that Leslie...
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