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Riczelle Hizon
Bio 1
April 30,2011

The Human Mating

In today’s generation mating is very popular to teenager. Teenagers want to experiment and experience how it feels like to mate with some one they really love or care about. But how does mating really works? Do individual has to be attracted to the opposite sex, or the sensation just has to be present. Modern humans come into their mating strategies through the success of their ancestor. This article provides an example of the complexities of each strategies such as: long-term strategies, short-term strategies, mate poaching, extra pair mating, and mate guarding. The article presents an evidence and support these hypothesis using data, graphs, and an examples.

The article suggested that traditionally, men and women approach mating differently, the sexes intensely evolved in strategies solutions. These differences take account of different preferences of sexes when mating, Men and women also have different approach for short-term mating and how it triggers the sexual jealousy. According to the author David Buss, if any human failed to select suitable mate, failed to attract a mate or failed to hold on to mate for reproduction then a new generation would not be here to make a strategies for mating. This article can relate to our class discussion about sexual selection by Darwin on why male and female are different from each other, in terms of their physical concept and their behavior. Darwin suggested that mating was caused by sexual selection. That male and female choose who they want to have mate with and not because they are meant to be with each other. Darwin implies two process in which sexual selection could take place. The first one was the intrasexual competition, in which one sex compete to other. This competition is very rare in our society. Male or female try their hard to look good,so that they can compete with their friend or others, and by doing that the opposite sex can...
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