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Topics: Decision making, IP address, Computer network Pages: 3 (819 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Week 7 Assignment 3: Network Security Planning
James Moore
CIS532 – Network Architecture and Analysis
Dr. Frederick Baldwin
October 2, 2011

In response to your Request for Proposal, UCS Consulting Corporation is submitting this proposal to aid as a guide and assist you in your decision making process regarding your potential merger. This request for proposal which is the beginning of the selection process is in which we feel that we will be able to combine our efforts to ensure that the current network is capable of handling a larger merger (, 2012). UCS Consulting completely understands your request and can state without hesitation that we are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to take on this task. We are a $10 million company that has the required technical background and experience along with well-over ten years of a positively proven track record, that is backed up by our unique skills, resources, and tools to successfully complete the assigned task. We are confident and well assured that the outcome of a complete business and technology analysis in addition to our proposed recommendations that they will guide you in making the right decision. UCS Consulting will schedule a meeting with the key decision makers in an effort to gather pertinent information regarding both companies. The information collected will include the business goals, all known business issues, future business plans, any financial constraints, time line requirements, future technological goals, issues that involve technology, a list of all known constraints that can affect technology, the availability of technology skills, location of the headquarters, and the anticipated desired outcomes. The methodology that UCS Consulting uses to analyze existing networks includes, having an understanding of the current locations, availability of resources, resource reliability, and all known problems. Other items of interest that are key components in...
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