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English Paper
BAC 3 - Intermediate 1
English Paper
BAC 3 - Intermediate 1

The sensory marketing
The sensory marketing

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Sensory marketing2

Visual marketing4

Sound marketing5

Olfactory marketing6

Gustatory marketing7

Tactile marketing8

Personal opinion9




Even if one does not realize, sensory marketing is ubiquitous in marketing campaigns and it may explain most of our purchasing decisions. The soothing ambience of a store, pleasant odor diffused, attractive colors,… can influence the customer’s decision. Sensory marketing can be defined as “a marketing technique that seeks one or more of the five senses of the consumer. Its aim is to attract customers by increasing their welfare in order to positively influence their behavior vis-a-vis a product or a point of sale”.

To approach sensory marketing, I decided to begin by a short description of the topic. After, I will talk about the five types of sensory marketing : visual, sound, olfactory, gustatory and touch. To finish, I will expose you my personal opinion about the subject. Sensory marketing

Compared with traditional marketing, the sensory marketing focuses more on the five senses : sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. The sensory marketing creates around the product a multisensory atmosphere that boosts their attractiveness. According to specialists, the use of the five senses in a marketing campaign would allow companies to increase their sales by arousing customer’s emotions. Nowadays, with the growth of the supply for a product, it is very important for a company to differentiate itself from its competitors. We notice that more and more companies use the sensory marketing to do it.

Despite the fact that Kotler stressed already in 1973 the importance of the atmosphere in a store, the sensory marketing has only really developed until the 2000’s. It is still a young aspect of the marketing strategies. But today, more and more marketing specialists attach importance to the sensory marketing because it is a great success. This success can be explained in two ways. On the one hand, sensory perception brings a comfortable feeling, a sense of reality that the consumer looks for because of the development of virtual in our society. On the other hand, the consumer looks for a sensorial experience with all senses and especially with a back to the nature in a context of increasing urbanization.

But some specialists say it is unethical to play with people’s feeling and emotions in a commercial aim. In fact, the sensory marketing can be used in an abusive way, trying to manipulate the customer. However, it is not like “neuromarketing” that is completely unethical. This type of marketing consists in a study of the mechanisms of the brain when it receives commercial stimuli. Professionals of marketing can adapt their advertising campaigns based on the results of the study. It’s difficult for consumers to not buy the product with this type of marketing. But concerning sensory marketing, if the consumer has been once fooled on a product because of a sensory marketing, he will not be fooled a second time.

Today’s marketing would be a marketing based on the five senses at the same time. That is called “polysensorality” by the marketers. However, it’s really difficult to set up for most of products.

Now, I will give you some concrete examples in order to better understand what the sensory marketing is. It would be interesting to diffuse a smell of hot chocolate in a chocolate department. This strategy, combined with an attractive visual aspect of the product, will guide the consumer towards the product. Moreover, tastings in stores can also increase the sales of the product. The consumer can be aware of the product’s quality, smell, texture, etc.

Nature et...
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