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European Declaration
on Paper Recycling
2011 - 2015

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European Declaration on Paper Recycling


Improving resource efficiency is one of my main priorities as European Commissioner for Environment. More efficient use of resources is essential to achieve our environment protection goals, but it is also one of the building blocks of our strategy to boost economic growth in Europe. Getting more out of less, and ensuring safe and reliable access to those raw materials that we do need is essential for our future competitiveness. The tasks ahead of us are challenging: Today the European Union imports six times more materials and resources than it exports, and the demand of raw materials is expected to increase dramatically in the coming years. World population as well as consumption from emerging worldwide middle classes will continue to grow.

Global extraction of resources is expected to increase by around 75% in the coming 25 years. In order to meet this challenging situation, new initiatives involving all actors will be necessary. All have to play their part: consumers, industry, NGOs and public authorities, from the local to the European level. In that sense, the present Declaration represents a noteworthy example of what can be done in practice to improve resource efficiency at all stages of the paper life cycle. Since its adoption in 2000, the European Declaration on Paper Recycling has made a decisive contribution to achieving higher recovery and recycling rates. From many aspects the Declaration is remarkable: the approach is voluntary, yet since 2000 it has helped accomplish tangible progress in terms of recycling rates and in terms of prevention. The Declaration has fostered dialogue between all actors implied along the whole value chain. It represents an integrated approach from meeting concrete results to developing ad hoc research and development activities.

The Declaration is fully in line with the European objective to build a "circular economy" aiming at using waste as resource. I am therefore happy to support the approach taken by the sector and to wish a long and successful life to this Declaration!

Janez Potocnik
European Commissioner for Environment 2010-2014
Brussels, September 2011


European Declaration on Paper Recycling 2011 - 2015


Towards a common goal of sustainability - the European Declaration on Paper Recycling

Recycling has formed an increasing part of the paper
manufacturing process, linking directly or indirectly to a large number of sectors in the European economy. The voluntary
European Declaration of 2000 promoting paper recycling has
made a positive contribution to this process. It all brings us a step closer to the European Commission’s goal of Europe
as a ‘circular economy’, supporting Europe’s sustainable development and long-term, robust growth and employment.
Paper is already one of the best managed raw materials,
boasting high recovery and recycling rates.
Even so, the industry commits to continuously improve.
The paper value chain suggests, instead of simply “shrinking consumption”, making paper consumption more sustainable,
preserving the valuable contribution of the value chain to
green growth and job creation in Europe.

Consequently, all of the Signatories and Supporters of this
Declaration are willing to ensure that correct systems are
in place to encourage paper recycling, building on the very
positive progress made by the first European Declaration on
Paper Recovery 2000 to 2005 and the European Declaration
on Paper Recycling 2006 to 2010
Together these sectors will continue on a sustainable path in paper recycling, making it possible to reach the...
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