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Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Psychology Pages: 3 (518 words) Published: April 21, 2012
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1.Autocratic leadership style defines a leader who empowers employees to make their own decisions and who uses very little direct supervision. A) True
B) False
2.With the shift in paradigm from management to leadership, the leadership style of most effective managers is no longer autocratic, but democratic. A) True
B) False
3. In the Ohio State University study of leader behavior, this type of leadership style, similar to job-centered leadership, focuses on getting the task done. A) consideration behavior
B) initiating structure behavior
C) the leadership grid
D) employee assessment
4. The leadership grid descibes this type of leader as having a high concern for people and a low concern for production. A) social outcomes
B) team leader
C) country-club leader
D) high-high leader
5. This contribution of behavioral leadership theory suggests that the manager does not have to perform both production and people functions, but should seek coleaders to complement their weaker area. A) coleadership

B) employee-centered
C) country club leader
D) autocratic leadership
6. Acquired needs theory is an example of this type of motivation theory. A) hierarchy of needs
B) process
C) content
D) reinforcement
7. The motivation theory that proposes the highest level of need is self actualization, or to develop one's full potential is... A) two-factor
B) acquired needs
C) equity
D) Maslow's hierarchy of needs
8. Organizations meet these needs through titles, the satisfaction of completing the job itself, merit pay raises, recognition, challenging tasks, participation in decision making, and the chance for advancement. A) expectancy

B) esteem needs
C) equity
D) acquired needs
9. Most research has demonstrated that money has NO limit in its ability to motivate. A) True
B) False
10. One general recommendation from this theory...
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