Paper on the Internal and External Mechanisms That Control Police Discretion

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Police Department Roles and Functions Paper

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December 4, 2012
Raymond Smith

Police Department Roles and Functions
Have you ever wondered what the purpose of having police patrol in every city is? They are here to help prevent and solve crimes as well as protect and serve the people within the community and their jurisdiction of law. All law enforcement agencies work together in various aspects of enforcing laws due to the overlapping of each agencies jurisdiction. There are three major types of law enforcement; these are local, state, and federal. All of these in which have basically the same goal but they all work in different ways. The objectives and duties range with each field of law enforcement as well as the wages vary with experience and rank within each of these levels. Each law enforcement agency has an array vast of subcategories that plays a role in the job details. Some categories focus more on specific details such as immigration while others focus mainly on community protection. Local law enforcement agencies are found in the cities and are typically small in size but not in all cases. Local law enforcement is trusted by the people of a community to protect them and enforce all laws. These laws also include traffic laws as well as criminal laws. The function of local police include to prevent and control widely recognized as threatening, aid individuals in danger of physical harm, facilitate the movement of people and vehicles, assistance to those who cannot care for themselves, resolve conflict, and create and maintain the feeling of security in communities (Goldstein, 1977). Local law enforcement agencies employ people to do clerical work, data entry, and a number of other things. Depending on the size of the city determines how many officers will be employed and maintain by that particular city. Many local law enforcement agencies are involved in...
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