Paper on “Superman Is About the Visit the Relocation Centers’ & the Limits of Wartime Liberalism”

Topics: United States, Hawaii, Japanese American internment Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Paper on “Superman is about the visit the relocation centers’ & the Limits of Wartime Liberalism”

In “‘Superman is about the visit the relocation centers’ & the Limits of Wartime Liberalism” Gordon Chang clearly explains that, “Japs were frequent and predictably portrayed as villains” (Chang 38), and as a consequence of the powerful media used to show that, it “highly influenced” the public opinion on them. In the comic strip, they are described as “cruel-faced” and “sinister-looking” which make the Japanese become evil human beings and a threat to American citizens due to their “racial characteristics” so its part of their nature. Several erroneous ideas of what Japanese were supposed to be planning or thinking about what to do to Americans are presented throughout the strip. For example, Masu Watasuki says “Added proof that America is destined to become a vassal state of Japan” (Chan 52) after he buries Superman with lumber, who represents the United States according to Chang. However, in reality, such ideas were absurd since “many Japanese Americans were indeed loyal” (Chang 42). Another theme mentioned throughout the article and is present in the comic strip is the “suggestion of widespread disloyalty among Japanese Americans” (Chang 51). While Lane and Kent are visiting “Camp Carok”, Major Munsey explains that “loyal Americans of Jap ancestry… would be glad to sabotage out national welfare” (Chang 51). In the next scene, one reads how a group of Japanese is trying to escape with firearms. Later in another panel, the internees are about to hurt Lane, “the feminine America”. These scenes demonstrate Japanese American are disloyal to the United States and a threat to American citizens. What liberal members of the OWI and WRA were trying to do was to basically educate the public about the interests of Japanese Americans, not evil and cruel, as they were usually being illustrated, but rather loyal to the United States. Their goal was to find a way to release...
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