Paper on Perspectives on Changes in Adulthood

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There are many different changes that occur during the early, middle, and late adulthood of one’s life. This can range from not only physical but mental changes as well and happen differently for everyone. Each person will develop differently and at different rates than others so it can be difficult to gage one’s own progress off of that of others. Personal Philosophy

I believe that the changes in adulthood are drastically affected by the individual’s position in life. For instance someone who is still living with their parents and have fewer financial responsibilities will progress a bit slower than someone who is out living on their own. All progress is relative to the individual’s situations and the rate of progress can speed up or slow down through their life. Changes in Activities

Throughout the stages of early, middle, and late adulthood there can be many changes in ones activities. For instance through the early and middle adulthood one’s body will tend to be more adept at being physically active and the individuals may be more active in recreational activities then others in late adulthood. As the body continues to age the muscles and tendons of one’s body will start to lose their elasticity so it can become more and more difficult to perform tasks that were easy in younger years. Many hobbies that people enjoy in their early and middle adulthood may start to become too difficult to continue doing. In early adulthood activities may involve more taxing events such as rock climbing, snowboarding, or clubbing all night with friends. They have the energy to stay up late and go out with friends till early hours in the morning while still getting up early in the morning for work. As one enters middle adulthood they start to get to follow a certain schedule in which they may start going to bed sooner to be able to have the energy for the next day. As the transition into middle adulthood continues individuals become more set...
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