Paper on Movie Crash

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, African American, Black people Pages: 3 (757 words) Published: April 10, 2011
Crash Paper
Amanda Haas
W131 Section 2082
December 10, 2010

Crash Paper
Paul Haggis’ movie Crash is all about different kinds of social and multicultural differences we observe. We look through a three-category lens made up of race, class, and gender. All of which play roles in stereotypes and assumptions we make about others. The film deals especially with America as it continues to grow as a multicultural society and also explores how racial intolerance and prejudice are collective problems for all of the United States.

In the first scene of the movie we observe a Muslim man inside of a firearm store trying to purchase a pistol. The storeowner is a white Caucasian male that refuses to sell the man a firearm. He has a negative attitude toward the customer simply because of his Muslim background. The owner automatically assumed the man was somehow associated with the Al Qaeda terrorist group, a group that is responsible for thousands of American deaths. The stereotype of all Muslims being associated with terrorist groups observed in this scene is one of the many examples of prejudice found all throughout the film.

Another example of prejudice that was woven into the film began with Jean and her Los Angeles district attorney husband Rick. The two are out on a date a few days before Christmas when the two are carjacked by two African American men. These are just two examples of racially biased incidents occurring all over various parts of Los Angeles. The movie is comprised of all of these different stories of racial intolerance and stereotyping that causes them to suffer.

The suffering experiences by the victims of racial prejudices throughout the film had no bounds. Whether carjacking to make ends meet or directing on a Hollywood set and living the life of the rich and famous, the racial prejudices they faced had no socio-economic class boundaries. The attributes of these characters had no immunity to the effects of racial profiling. This is seen...
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