Paper on: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Paper on: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Mr. Gordon Jesse

1)Neorealism was a movement in film production that emerged out of the second World War in Italy. The defeat of Italian fascism led to the crushing of the Italian film industry. Before the war, Italy had produced commercial studio fare. Economic decline post-war and the occupation by American forces did not allow for the continuation of the production of commercial studio fare. The studios, post-war, were used as refugee camps and as storage facilities for occupying militaries. The war ravaged landscapes of Italy provided the only available backdrop to the new films being produced, since the studios were mostly unavailable for use by filmmakers. Due to the war torn backdrops of these new films, it created the need to film about contemporary realities. The lower budgets, limited resources, and filming on location lead to the gritty reality look of this new film style. Neorealism in film is commonly described and seen as a film that was filmed on a location, rather than in a studio setting only; a film that demonstrates authenticity, and often seen with rejecting classical hollywood acting styles. To sum up the generalization of neorealism, it is a realistic representation of life. Roberto Rossellini is credited to making the first neorealism film and the most important neorealism film. His first film was Rome, open city, this is the first neorealism film. It is considered a neorealistic film because of its demonstration of the gritty real life suffering of the Italians during the second World War. Rossellini’s second film was Paisa, this was one of the most important neorealistic films. It is a neorealism film because its shows six stories through out the second World War with narration providing the setting of the time and place in history. The second most important neorealist filmmaker was Vittorio De Sica. His film Bicycle Thieves is seen as one...
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