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Topics: Management, Process management, Business process reengineering Pages: 3 (609 words) Published: October 22, 2012
Information Technology Management

Dr. D. Lance Revenaugh
By Licia Felton

Business System Planning

The Business Systems Planning (BSP) Approach was developed by IBM, a proprietary technique devised initially for IBM internal use. It was later sold for customer use in the mid-1970s. Business Systems Planning was one of the first information system planning methods and is now one of the most commonly recognized.

“This approach concentrates on a firm’s data resources and strives to develop an information architecture that supports a coordinated view of the data needs of the firm’s major systems. The BSP process identifies the key activities of the firm and the systems and data that support these activities. The data is arranged in classes, and a method is developed to relate data classes to the firm’s activities and its information systems.” (Frenzel, 2004)

BSP offers a structured approach to IS planning in numerous defined stages that lead from the identification of business processes, to a definition of required data structures. Data is then followed as they flow throughout the organization by the business activity support or from which they result.

The BSP methodology consists of four major activities, documenting the business activities, defining the business processes, defining the data necessary to support the business processes, and defining the information architecture.

“BSP, in addition to its value for IS planning, also made two other important intellectual contributions: It helped introduce the process view of the firm. The popular Business Process Re-engineering of the 1990s was built on this concept. It pointed out the need to de-couple the data from the applications that use these data, i.e., data independence. This supported the database approach to systems development.” (Dubey, 2011)

What should Information technology (IT) management professionals understand about the BSP approach? BSP study requires the...
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