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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Animal Farm- “an essay”
1. Dictators or other totalitarian forms of government have actually been the historically dominating kind of government through most of the human history. You do have some early examples of democracy in early history as well: for instance, you have the government of the early Roman Empire, and Greece of the classical antiquity. However for the most part politics has been a power struggle between already powerful people, or assigned to kings or emperors, which mostly made all the major political decisions themselves. In newer history, and as what happened in Animal Farm, for a dictator to take over there is usually some common factors present in the society. Among these one usually find a society in disorder, weak governments, and dissatisfaction among the people living within the society. One example is Germany in the 1930’s: The country was suffering from the consequences of major inflation due to an economic crisis after they last the First World War; in addition, most people were quite dissatisfied with the present government. They actually felt like no matter what they voted for the government elected never got any of their cases through. As a result of this desperation grew among the people, and when Hitler came with his extreme nationalistic, political party, he was the best answer many of the Germans could see to a strong independent leader, which they needed. Then with his intense speeches, and with some events, as when the parliament building was set on fire, it was easy enough to blame everything on the previous governments, and make them the scapegoat of the society. Then as he was set in power he gradually changed the rules, exactly as Napoleon did, to fit his personal intentions of taking over Europe, while blaming everything on all the non-Aryan races. He ended up making himself the supreme leader, as Napoleon also did, and the case was the same for Stalin, and most other dictators of newer history.

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