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  • Published : April 9, 2012
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Health Care organizations goal is to provide excellent care to all patients. Every day patients, members, and their families trust Health Care organizations to give them the very best medical care and services. These organizations are committed to honoring their trust by providing excellent clinical care and superior service with the highest standards of integrity. This commitment applies to every aspect of their work, and is fundamental to their mission, vision, and values. Within Health care Organizations such as Novant Health, Michigan Health Department, Accessible Home Care, and Astra-Zeneca, each one of these organizations carries unique regulatory standards that must be strictly followed. Communication must be enforced with each organization in order to monitor the quality outcomes and compliance within each organization. This also includes monitoring risk management within the organization. The similarities and differences between each organization will be addressed as well as; how each organization will monitor performance, achieve regulatory and accreditation compliance, and improve overall organizational performance. It will also describe how each organization will communicate with leadership to ensure alignment of organizational goals and gain buy-in form staff to achieve compliance with the standards and requirements issued by regulatory and accreditation bodies, and determine how compliance with the regulations and development of risk-management and quality-management systems for each type of organization contribute to the organization’s overall performance-management system.

Novant Health, Michigan Health Department, Accessible Home Care, and Astra-Zeneca, are organizations in the Health Care field providing a comprehensive range of services to patients in a timely, caring, and efficient manner by value-driven, and compassionate professionals. Quality patient care is the number...
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